Window producer Germany since 1872

Neuffer Windows + Doors Germany, window producer, was founded in 1872 by Ludwig-Ulrich Neuffer.

Over 140 years ago the 25-year-old bought out a former glazier business in the so-called Bohnenviertel of Stuttgart and set himself up as a self-employed craftsman.


left: Ludwig Ulrich Neuffer
right: Initial premises in Becherstraße

1887        1903

left: Official appointment to Court Glazier
right: Oskar Neuffer

1905        1906

left: Company premises / Rosenstraße
right: Albert Neuffer sen.

1907        1913

left: Official appointment to Royal Court Glazier
right: Patent Neuffer double window

1946        1955

left: Provisional production site after WW2
right: Company premises in Stuttgart-Wangen


left: Albert Neuffer jun.
right: Jörg Neuffer

Glazier to the Royal Court

After many prosperous years and numerous successful projects (including Neuffer windows for the Stuttgart Town Hall, the Königsbau, the old castle, the Art Academy and the residence for servants of the court) Ludwig-Ulrich Neuffer received the title of Court Glazier from the Royal Württemberg Architectural Office in the year 1887.

In 1905, due to the premises having become too small, the company moved to a larger property in Rosenstraße in Stuttgart. Around this time Ludwig-Ulrich‘s two sons followed in their father’s footsteps and joined the company: Oskar Neuffer after an apprenticeship as glazier und Albert Neuffer after completing his commercial studies.

Neuffer windows was able to celebrate further success in 1907: the owners were appointed by the Royal Württemberg Marshal’s Office as "Royal Glaziers to the Court".

Window producer Germany

Neuffer windows dominated the market. Ludwig-Ulrich Neuffer showed his extreme inventiveness and his technical adeptness with the development of the so-called "Neuffer Double Window", which was registered with the Royal Patent Office under the number D.R. 171244. This particular construction allowed both the inner and the outer windows to be opened and closed together.

As is true of so many things, the talent for inventing lay also in the family. Thus Albert Neuffer followed the example of his father and developed two further windows the following year, which successfully caught the attention of the market. The Neuffer window "System Record" as well as the "Sliding Window System Neuffer".

Neuffer windows, german window producer, was also beginning to be noticed abroad and consequently, from 1934 onwards, substantial building projects were also successfully completed overseas.

As a result of the ever increasing demand for Neuffer windows the business premises, now spread out as a result of WW2, were becoming too small. An appropriate piece of land was found in Stuttgart-Wangen, near to the port on the River Neckar, to which the company moved in 1955 thereby bringing together all the various factory premises and also a headquarters building.

In 1966 a grandson of Ludwig-Ulrich Neuffer, Albert Neuffer jun., took over as General Manager of the window factory and was ably and actively assisted by his son, Jörg Neuffer, who entered the company after completing comprehensive training in Switzerland, Sweden, the USA and also Finland before joining the company and simultaneously taking on a post on the Management Board of the "Jungglaser", an association of young glaziers.

By 1972 the company had grown to 150 employees and increasingly in the following decades the work was more oriented towards large projects.

One of the most prestigious contracts in this connection was the manufacturer, delivery and assembly of composite windows at the new Headquarters of the Daimler AG in Stuttgart-Möhringen.  References >

Neuffer Windows and Doors Delivers Worldwide

Now in the fifth generation since its foundation Neuffer Fenster und Türen GmbH under its Managing Directors Jörg and Philipp Neuffer has successfully been selling windows and doors worldwide.

Our network of competent trading partners and proficient sales staff are able to advise and support our customers all over the world.

As well as to mainland Europe Neuffer Fenster & Türen GmbH (a limited company) has regularly exported to countries such as USA and Australia and to Asia.

Our modern window manufacturing technology sets quality standards worldwide and offers individual solutions for any kind of property.