Wood windows made in Germany

100 % Naturalness for a warm living environment

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The outer surface of wood offers unrivalled warmth as well as a harmonious radiance. This sustainable, natural resource brings a coziness and creates a homely ambience like no other material.

Wooden windows profiles

Wood windows CLASSIC made in Germnay
Wood windows SOFTLINE
Wood framed window RUSTIKAL
Traditional window

Wood window surfaces

For our wood windows made in Germany we use only specially selected quality wood. To provide the perfect protection the wood window surfaces are treated in a number of steps with a natural water-based impregnation process.

As well as having a water-repellent effect the wood is also protected against mould and blue stain and is completely sealed. Additionally, any unevenness which may be present on the wood surfaces is smoothed out.
Subsequently this optimal basis is followed in a final step by the addition of a thick layer varnish which serves to provide extra resistance and at the same time gives the material luxuriance and shine.

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