The MasterLine 10 from Reynaers scores with its high design variety and customisability but also with excellent safety and performance. As one of our passive house certified windows, its outstanding thermal insulation makes it suitable for low-energy buildings in private and public construction. With MasterLine 10 you are choosing a pioneering window system that meets current and future standards.

Functional design
Functional design
Renaissance design
Renaissance design
Deco design
Deco design
Block design
Block design

Passive House Institute certified

The MasterLine 10 at a glance


  • Available in the design variants Functional, Renaissance, Deco and Block
  • Construction depth: Frame 97 mm (Functional, Block) or 107 mm (Renaissance, Deco) / casement 107 mm
  • Can be equipped with glazing from min. 20 mm to max. 78 mm glass thickness
  • Sound insulation depending on glazing according to sound insulation class 5 (up to 46 dB)

Energy efficiency

  • Uw-value of up to 0.78 W/m²K, depending on frame/casement combination and glazing
  • Uf-value of up to 0.9 W/m²K, depending on frame/casement combination
  • Innovative concept with excellent thermal insulation
  • Glass fibre reinforced multi-chamber hollow bars made of polyamide
  • Passive house certified


  • High stability and no warping even under extreme weather conditions and other external influences
  • Meets the requirements for burglary protection of resistance classes 2 and 3 (RC 2, RC 3)

The best thermal insulation for more living comfort and less energy consumption

With the MasterLine 10 profile system from Reynaers you can make your property future-proof today. This not only applies to the use of the contemporary material aluminium or the modern design. The profile is also, and above all, unrivalled in terms of thermal insulation.

Why is thermal insulation so important? On the one hand, it has to do with living comfort. If the building is well insulated, heating stays inside in winter while the cold is kept outside. In summer the principle works the other way round: the heat stays outside and inside it is pleasantly cool.

A good indoor climate contributes to well-being – and this is just as important in a private home as in a large office complex.

Another major factor are energy costs, which have been rising for years, regardless of consumption. The only way to save on this is to reduce consumption massively, and this is where building insulation comes in. If no heating is lost, there is no need for permanent reheating and the costs fall. In the ideal case, the insulation also makes the air conditioning superfluous.

The MasterLine 10 offers insulation suitable for passive houses

Windows are one of the most important components when it comes to thermal insulation. With Reynaers' MasterLine 10 you can rely on the highest performance in this respect. Depending on the frame/casement combination selected, the Uw-value can reach up to 0.78 W/m²K, thus meeting the requirements of low-energy buildings.

The profile system is even available with a passive house certificate, i.e. it has been independently tested for its energy quality.

This is made possible by the modern construction as a multi-chamber system. This is because the hollow chambers – formed in the MasterLine 10 by glass fibre reinforced polyamide bars – conduct heat poorly and thus provide excellent insulation.

Individual design for all types of buildings

When choosing a suitable window profile, appearance always plays an important role in addition to functional features. While the single-family home should perhaps look more classic, office or industrial buildings can often be given a more modern design. The MasterLine 10 from Reynaers is suitable for all conceivable types of buildings where large window areas are to be used.

The material aluminium ensures high stability and durability, is weatherproof and also offers a lot of freedom in design. The MasterLine 10 is therefore available in four design variants, which are optimally suited to different building styles.


Functional Design

The Functional design is undoubtedly the most adaptable of the four variants. With its flush-fitting design, it appears just as simple as modern and can therefore be combined with many architectural styles.


Renaissance Design

The outstanding feature of the Renaissance design is the elegant profiling on the frame and casement. This creates a rather traditional look that also goes well with conventionally designed facades.


Deco Design

With its bevelled edges, the Deco design radiates unobtrusive elegance. This gives minimalist buildings a certain sophistication, while the design adds a contemporary accent to classic buildings.


Block Design

Due to the hidden vent, the openable element looks like a fixed element from outside, for more architectural symmetry and a clean look.

Colours that also protect the profile surface

Regardless of the design chosen the MasterLine 10 profile system can be designed in a wide range of colours. Depending on the colour scheme, the window frame either stands out as an accent on the facade or deliberately recedes into the background. Especially dark colours such as grey or anthracite are less noticeable and the impression of continuous glazing is created.

We use two advanced colour processes for our aluminium windows:

RAL colours as powder coating

If the aluminium is sprayed with a powder paint, this is called powder coating. The fact that the paint is subsequently burnt in at high temperatures of up to 250° C creates a particularly resistant surface. This not only offers protection against scratches and extreme weather conditions but is also corrosion-resistant.

Anodised colours in aluminium, steel or bronze look

So-called anodised colours are created by electrolytic oxidation. In this process a chemical reaction is deliberately triggered on the surface of the aluminium, which leads to the formation of a protective oxide layer. This also leads to corrosion protection and high weather resistance but has the additional effect that the aluminium retains its metallic appearance.

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