As one of the oldest building materials, wood provides unparalleled beauty and is a renewable resource. UPVC and aluminium have many benefits but essentially they both look the same. The breadth of wood species, stains and finishes available provides unmatched elegance, warmth and room for customisation. It also offers good insulation and energy savings. Whether you choose minimalist birch or distinctive walnut for your build, Neuffer will work closely with you to design and craft a beautiful custom wood window in any shape for your project.

The Beauty and Benefits of Timber Windows

Despite the rise of modern building materials such as fibreglass, uPVC and aluminium, timber remains popular, competitive in performance and unmatched in character. Moreover, it is a renewable resource, better for the environment and fully recyclable. Timber has been at the core of our windows and doors since first setting up shop in 1872. With a range of glass options, they can be designed, shaped, painted and configured in nearly any style you wish.

Its many advantages include:

  • Aesthetics - Dozens of species, possible finishes and custom colours
  • Great sound and thermal insulation
  • Weather resistance
  • Durability and Security
  • Curb appeal and increased home value

Timber windows are popular in listed historic buildings as well as neighbourhoods with building codes that require a historical look. As a material, wood also offers the flexibility of being able to take a wide range of paints, stains and finishes. Vinyl, on the other hand, is more limited. Wood does tend to be in a higher price range compared to other materials which is due to two main things. First, only high quality woods are used such as mahogany, meranti, oak, and spruce. Second, they are also finished with different surface treatments to improve their weather resistance, ability to repel water and their overall look.  Most of this process is done by hand, not machine. Complement your project with high-quality wood and give it a one-of-a-kind look that will be appreciated for decades to come.

Insulation and Energy Values for Timber Profile Systems

Wooden components are available in various species whose insulation abilities differ slightly. Below is a list of Uf-values, or the insulation value of the window frames. This is not the overall widow value (Uw-factor) which includes the glass unit. Since most of the overall surface area is made of glass, it still plays the largest role in determining the final number. For the best performance, triple glazing with a warm edge spacer and gas filling in the air gaps is recommended. Finally, proper installation is necessary to reach maximum thermal performance. Improperly insulated edges and gaps between the frame and masonry can allow cold air to flow in and warm air to escape no matter how good the window and frame are.

  Oak Spruce Larch Pine Meranti

U-value in W/(m2K) with a construction depth of 78 mm,

0.6 Ug and warm edge

0.99 0.91 0.91 0.91 0.91
Hardness very hard soft soft soft hard
Longevity high low middle middle high
Colour brown light brown red light brown red-brown

How to Properly Care for Timber Windows

The amount of maintenance required for wooden window frames is not as much as often believed. Modern frames require significantly less than historic windows due to improved construction methods and better exterior sealing and finishing. Today's profiles are far more durable and require just basic cleaning and refinishing over the years to easily last decades. No expensive or complicated window treatments are necessary. Simply use:

  • Warm water in a spray bottle
  • Washing-up liquid
  • Soft non-abrasive and lint-free cloths and brushes
  • Wood-care milk

Never power wash your windows or spray them with a hose. This can both damage the surface and force water into the frame and walls. Avoid using metal tools, sharp objects or any abrasive cloths or cleaners. They are unnecessary and will damage the surface. Quick, basic cleaning is recommended twice a year and refinishing or repainting every several years. The exact schedule will depend on your local climate and weather. Coastal areas are typically harsher for example. Fading, brittle pieces or cracked paint are all signs it is time to refinish or paint the frame not for just aesthetic reasons, but because it has stopped protecting the wood. It can allow humidity and moisture in and damage the window.

We recommend applying wood care milk twice a year after cleaning. This milk is available from any window manufacturer or retailer. The milk adds a thin layer to the wooden surface to protect it from dirt.

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