Modern Roller Shutters

Solutions for New and Existing Homes

Modern roller shutters provide much more than simple sun-protection. They offer thermal insulation, sound insulation and even improve burglary protection. Furthermore, rolled-down shutters effectively protect a window from wind and weather – especially crucial when timber windows are installed. Modern designs, attractive aesthetics and several installation modes provide a solution for any project.

Top Mounted Roller Shutters

For an elegant and flawless façade, a built-in shutter design is the right choice. The discrete mounting system allows the mechanism to be hidden above the window, and concealed within the wall cavity. When installed in new buildings or retrofitted during renovations, the result is exceptional functionality without the obstruction of an external shutter system. All common window systems can be fitted with a shutter box, including timber and composite profiles, with operating options ranging from manual to remote opening.

Front Mounted Roller Shutters

Our mounted systems are installed on the outside of the window frame. Innovative designs and several options for personalisation allows the components to be tailored to your project. The model with a concealed roller shutter box, for example, allows the shutter frame to be plastered over to match the colour and style of the external wall. Shutters are also available in a range of colours and profiles.

Affordable Windows and Roller Shutters

In order to offer the perfect aesthetic, our shutters are available in a range of colours. Profiles include double-walled uPVC through to fully insulated aluminium sections, all offering a pleasing modern design. The shutter boxes of our built-in systems are practically invisible from the outside, and fit almost any house façade.

Order your Roller Shutters separately or pre-installed on your new windows

You can also select between three of the following types of operation options:

  • Manual cord winder
  • Manual crank handle
  • Electric motor

Electric motors can be applied to both built-in and mounted shutter types. The curtains are raised and lowered at the push of a button. If fully automatic operation is required, you can simply set the system on a timer. The additional option of sensors allows integration of the shutters into your home security, closing automatically in bad weather or when it gets dark outside.

Electric systems have another advantage; the motors are equipped with an anti-lift device, significantly improving burglary protection. Integrated insect screens are another feature that can be included in the installation. Guarantee a more peaceful sleep in summer by preventing pesky insects from entering the house.

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