Be it the absolute weather resistance or the high stability, aluminium has long since proven itself as a building material with its outstanding properties. SCHÜCO's aluminium window systems combine these advantages and make it possible to build large windows with excellent thermal insulation. Whether offices or private houses, the passive house certified window SCHÜCO AWS 90.SI+ is a good choice. Save energy too and rely on the SCHÜCO AWS 90 series. Consisting of the window systems AWS 90.SI+, AWS 90.BS.SI+ and AWS 90.SI+Green, it impresses with the highest insulation values (Uf ≤ 0.8 W/(m²K).

AWS 90.SI+
AWS 90.SI+ Green
AWS 90.SI+ Green

How do Aluminium Windows offer such Great Insulation?

The distinctive insulating properties of the SCHÜCO series are due to a combination of aluminium with new construction methods: foam composite insulating bars and a co-extruded middle sealare added to the insulation zones. These ensure that no heat escapes. In addition, extra thick glazing can be installed for optimum insulation.

Save Energy Now with the SCHÜCO AWS 90.SI+

Energy prices have been rising year by year. Insulate yourself and your home against higher energy costs with SCHÜCO's aluminium window systems. The unique insulating properties of the SCHÜCO AWS 90.SI+ series save you valuable energy and money each year. In addition, there are no maintenance costs, as aluminium windows are very weather-resistant and, unlike other materials, require only minimal maintenance.

How Much Energy Can you Save? An Example:

A single-family house with 143.8 m² usable area and a window area of 26.4 m², which was built in the 1980s, achieves a saving of approx. 51 kWh/(m²a) per year with SCHÜCO AWS 90.SI+ series windows. That is 730 litres of fuel oil.


Burning 730 litres less saves 2 tons of CO2 per year - this corresponds to a 10,000 km drive and a CO2 volume of 1,250 m³.

Advantages at a Glance


  • Passive house certified window
  • Highest thermal insulation at 90 mm installation depth and Uf values from 0.71 W/(m2K)
  • With a view width of 117 mm, the Uw is 0.8 W/(m2K)
Fit & Finish
  • The SCHÜCO AWS 90.SI+ series can be combined with the Schüco ADS 90.SI door series


  • Ideal combination of design and energy efficiency with Uf values from 0.8 W/(m2K)
  • With a face width of 95 mm, the Uw value is 0.84 W/(m²K) with (passive house level)
  • Face widths starting from 77 mm
  • Glazing thicknesses up to 58 mm possible
Fit & Finish
  • The Uf values are achieved without bonding the pane


  • Highly thermally insulated aluminium window at passive house level with a Uw value of 0.8 W/(m2K) with triple glazing at 117 mm face width
  • Insulating bars, foams and glazing gaskets are manufactured to a large extent from renewable raw materials.
  • Aluminium system that can easily be recycled 
  • Tested and proven profile and insulation bar system
  • Environmental certification via TÜV (DIN CERTCO)
Fit & Finish
  • Comprehensive range of profiles analogous to AWS 90.SI+ Standard

Technical Details

Uf values in W/(m2K) 0.71 0.8 0.79
Depth in mm 90 90 90
SCHÜCO TripTonic available
Soundproofing/standard DIN EN 20140 up to Rw-value in dB 47 47 47
RC/burglar resistance/standard DIN EN 1627 (class) RC3 (WK3) RC3 (WK3) RC3 (WK3)
Driving rain tightness/standard DIN EN 12208 (class) 9a 9a 9a
Air permeability/standard DIN 12207 (class) 4 4 4

Design Your Own Individual Windows

The narrow profile allows you to design particularly large windows. This series is an excellent choice in terms of both energy savings and efficiency as well as its innovative design. These windows are also well-suited to offices and commercial buildings, where they create light-flooded rooms and a pleasant working climate.


Thanks to their narrow face widths, SCHÜCO AWS 90.BS.Si+ windows with concealed sashes can be designed in both single and double sash options.

The SCHÜCO AWS 90.SI+ series can also be combined with the SCHÜCO ADS 90.SI door series to create a uniform design. All RAL colours are available to customise their look. Let your creativity run free! Of course, the colours are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Numerous accessories such as sun and/or insect protection are also available.

First-class comfort thanks to SCHÜCO window systems

With SCHÜCO you get a clear plus in comfort and the option to modernize your building:

If you wish, innovative technologies can easily turn your home into a smart home. The radio-based SCHÜCO Wireless Control System enables you to automate your home. Control is via iPad, iPhone or Blackberry. In addition, you can choose from the following:

SCHÜCO TripTonic Window opening and closing monitoring

✔ Motor-controlled sun and glare protection

SCHÜCO VentoTherm Automatic ventilation with closed window

Safe & Sound

To ensure the best protection for you, SCHÜCO has developed innovative products that make your windows burglar-proof:

✔ Lock monitoring with Schüco TipTronic

✔ Lockable handles that secure the sash

✔ Concealed fitting Schüco AvanTec SimplySmart

When buying windows pay attention to the Resistance Class

Modern aluminium windows used on the ground floor should meet at least Resistance Class RC 2 N. In the upper floor the RC 1 N is sufficient, if the window is not possible over a fixed access. In summary, windows in the individual resistance classes have to withstand the following:

✔ RC 1N: Must offer protection against physical violence, but vulnerable to lever tools

✔ RC 2N: Offers additional protection against tools, levering out is no longer possible

✔ RC 3: Here the window also withstands a second tool used

The higher the resistance class, the better the protection


For even greater safety, we would like to remind you to make use of our safety glazing. We offer these as an option for your front door models. Simply select and enjoy higher protection!

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