As a true all-rounder, the IDEAL 4000 window profile from Aluplast is suitable for almost any installation situation. Whether for a new building project or renovation: The window system made of durable plastic is not only extremely versatile in design, it also convinces with excellent insulating properties, burglar-resistant security fittings and a fair price. In addition, the large selection of colours and decors ensures that the modern uPVC window fits perfectly into any architecture.

The most important facts

  • uPVC window in recessed look
  • 5-chamber profile system with RAL quality mark
  • Profile construction with 70mm construction depth
  • Block sealing system with 2 sealing levels
  • Frame with screwed steel reinforcement for additional stability
  • Standard double glazing with Ug-value 1.1 W/m²K
  • Optional triple glazing up to Ug-value 0.6 W/m²K
  • Pane thickness from 20 to 40mm
  • European style Tilt & Turn fitting with anti-mishandling device
  • Quality Winkhaus fittings with a range of security options
  • Noise absorption up to 45 dB
  • Available in white or decor
  • High resistance to weathering due to uPVC with advanced additive technology
  • Upgrade with thermal, safety and sound protection glazing possible

Up-to-date system in highest quality

Today, uPVC is one of the most frequently used materials for windows. And not without reason: it has longevity and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of design variety.

Accordingly, the uPVC window Aluplast IDEAL 4000 can also be easily integrated into any living concept. The frame and sash are designed in a recessed look with a face width of 70mm. This clear line management provides a very modern appearance.

In addition, Aluplast 4000 has a screwed steel core, which improves the stability and durability of the window. Another advantage is that this also supports the burglary protection of the profile. In addition, various opening types are available.

Window profile in individual design

A simple way to adapt the IDEAL 4000 window from Aluplast to both the facade and the interior is to choose the colour. By default, uPVC windows are in classic white but you can also choose a subtle anthracite or even a timber decor.

It is particularly harmonious if individual colours appear several times on the house – not only on the window but also on the front door or roof. On light-coloured facades, darker colours can also set exciting accents. With Aluplast IDEAL 4000 you can rely on an even surface and lasting colour brilliance.

When designing your home, also think about details such as window handles. Both shape and colour of the handles have a great influence on the overall impression of your window. In addition, functionality of course also plays a role here: lockable window handles, for example, contribute to the burglar resistance of the window.

5 chambers for optimal thermal insulation

In terms of thermal insulation properties, the Aluplast IDEAL 4000 window system meets even the highest requirements.

The innovative chamber system with 5 air chambers has an insulating effect and improves not only energy efficiency but also the indoor climate.

The chamber profile is supplemented by circumferential seals between the frame and sash. The two sealing levels ensure optimum tightness and best protection inside and outside.

When it comes to the glass for your window, you have the choice between double or triple glazing, which also influences the heat transfer value. Ug-values of up to 0.6 W/m²K can be achieved here.

High living comfort thanks to sound absorption

Sound absorption also plays an increasingly important role in windows. More and more people live in cities, often near busy roads. Even a sound level of 30 dB(A) is perceived as disturbing. And if you are permanently exposed to noise, this can even have health implications.

Depending on the type of use of the plastic window, you can therefore also opt for sound-proof glass in the IDEAL 4000 from Aluplast. This is particularly worthwhile in the bedroom, where unwanted noises can quickly become noticeable. With its two sealing levels and an optional sound-proof glazing, sound absorption of up to 45 dB and thus protection class IV can be achieved.

Tailor-made safety

Your own house should be a place where you can feel completely safe. The IDEAL 4000 window from Aluplast will help you do this, because thanks to its steel reinforcement it is extremely stable and can withstand even violent attacks.

For this purpose, the window profile is equipped with a high level of basic security as standard. This consists of two Winkhaus flat head studs, which, due to their specific shape, engage perfectly in the associated strike plates, making it difficult to lever the window out from the outside.

Additional window fittings offer the possibility of making the plastic window particularly burglar-resistant. In combination with safety glass, the resistance class RC 2 can thus be achieved, which is also recommended by the police.

From the basic profile to a truly unique product

You can obtain the system Aluplast 4000 from us according to your personal requirements and ideas. This starts with the size that you specify individually, because every window is produced for you down to the millimetre. Various types of windows are also possible, including balcony doors and comfortable parallel Tilt & Slide doors for a terrace.

You can choose between fixed glazing, the classic European style Tilt & Turn fitting and a Tilt & Turn mechanism. Fixed-glazed elements are useful wherever you want light to enter but do not necessarily need to open the window sash. Otherwise, a turn-tilt fitting usually offers advantages, since rooms can be ventilated more comfortably. On Tilt & Slide doors the movable sashes can be both tilted and pushed completely to the side.

The IDEAL 4000 can be used throughout the entire house and can be adapted accordingly due to its features. The risk of burglary is greater on the ground floor and in the basement, where you should rely on modern technology to increase security. On windows facing South or West, the simultaneous installation of roller shutters can also be worthwhile. And even in the bathroom the uPVC window cuts a fine figure – best with ornamental glass for reliable visual cover.

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