Dormer Windows

The Basis of any Loft Conversion

Particularly in large cities where space is at a premium, loft conversions are very popular. For homeowners looking to reclaim the area under a pitched roof and convert it into livable space, dormer windows are the window of choice. Projecting out of the side of a pitched roof, they add interior space, natural light and great views to former attics and storage spaces. Neuffer offers a variety of bespoke German windows to match the style of your house and dormer window.

More Living Space for Homes

Gaining more living space without having to move is one of the main attractions of loft conversions. Whether your family is growing, you'd like to add a hobby room or perhaps even a home office, turning empty space into a functional room brings many benefits to any house. The first step is of course dealing with the slanted roof and converting areas of it into roof dormers to add floor space and cosy nooks for sitting, reading and more. 

While in some regards dormer windows themselves are no different than windows in another location, several points should be considered based on their unique location and purpose.

  • Security
  • Thermal insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Noise protection

Where you're building a gabled dormer, eyebrow dormer, flat roof dormer or other, the focus is still on adding space, fresh air and light.

Security & Burglary Protection

Given the roof location, dormer windows need not feature extensive security fittings. Basic locks and standard glass will suffice. Window locks for children may be the only real safety measure needed based on your family and children's age.

Casement or Sash Dormers

With a focus on adding more space, it is worth considering your window design and opening style. Sash windows, while outdated, offer the benefit of opening without taking up additional room as a casement would. However, they can only open halfway in total and offer a restricted view.

Modern casement windows can be custom built to solve each problem without having to settle for trade offs. If having an inswing casement would take too much room, there are two possible solutions. Firstly, you may opt for a tilt only window that only tilts open for ventilation, without being able to swing open completely. If you would like to open the window completely, then simply choose an outswing casement. 

Finally, roller shutters can be a great addition to improve insulation, security and privacy year round. 

Thermal Insulation and Noise Protection

Given their exposed position protruding from the roof, dormer windows are subject to additional temperature and noise than those in a standard wall. Therefore, it makes sense to take additional measures in order to offset these.

We've all had the experience of entering an attic which can be nothing short of an oven in summer or freezer in the winter. While converting the loft into livable space, additional insulation is necessary to prevent these temperature swings and help maintain a comfortable and consistent climate. Choosing triple glazing with warm edge spacers will ensure stable indoor temperatures regardless of the season.

Given their location on the main roof, dormers are also exposed to sound waves. These may be typical nearby noises but also those from far away since their elevated position means there is less in the way to block sound travelling through the air. This is why adding noise reducing glazing is also an important element of making the new loft space livable. Neuffer offers multiple levels of protection which are measured in reduction of decibels. 

Design, Colour & Appearance

As with our other windows, we offer the entire RAL colour range to choose from including the option of dual colours should you wish to choose different ones on the inside and outside. A further range of custom fittings is also available including handles, opening mechanism, trickle vents and locks.

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