Fly Screens for Windows & Doors

Let Fresh Air in and Keep Bugs Out

Windows are made to be opened. But when insects end up buzzing about indoors, you may start thinking twice about enjoying the fresh air from your open windows. Luckily, fly screens are available nowadays to fit any window or door type, whether permanently installed or removable. Keep unwanted pests out of your home with one of our made to measure solutions.

How to Choose the Best Fly Screen

Window screens. Bug screens. Insect screens. Fly screens. Whatever you call them, we can help. First of all, you need to consider the following several questions before selecting your insect screens.

  • How much effort should installation require?
  • What kind of bugs and animals to you want to keep out?
  • What kind of windows or doors are they for? (Inswing vs outswing, sliding, etc.)
  • How often is the window or door used and in what way?
  • What is your budget? 

Determining your own needs as well as the exact types of windows and doors is essential to ensure you can select from among the right options.

Fly Screens for a Customised Window

Clamp-on frames and vertical blinds are cost-effective, quick and easy to install and available in all dimensions. They can all be installed without drilling, though the window’s function can be slightly restricted with clamp-on frames.

After installation, it is obviously no longer practical to reach in our out of the window. If you have an external window sill with potted plants for example, you'll want to choose a different option that allows easy opening and closing of the insect screen too. For windows that you never need to pop your head through or water plants through, clamp on screens are a great solution. 

Fly screens within rotating frames are the solution to windows that need to remain accessible. They can often also be mounted without drilling, allowing the casement to be opened and closed as with any normal window.

Another option, similar to roller shutters, is to install insect shutters. Shutters for insect protection are available in many different types. A simple shutter can normally be mounted with adhesive strips, whereas high-quality systems usually require the installation of guiding rails and are far more durable and functional. 

Insect Screens for any Door

Patio doors see the most traffic during summer months when the weather is pleasant. Unfortunately, that is also peak bug season. With such a large opening, it makes the perfect entry way for insects as well. 

Rotating or sliding doors offer the most reliable insect prevention in this case. Both systems can be installed without drilling. Should you have a larger door, consider installing a high-quality model with an aluminium frame.

Larger insect screens for doors should always be screwed-in. This step can ensure that no insects are able to enter through small gaps or cracks which might form by the casement being warped or shifing under its own weight.

One particularly elegant option is the pleated curtain. It can be opened and closed by pushing the curtain from the sides to the centre. Such fly screens are folded like an accordion and can be hidden almost entirely within the door frame.

Selecting the Right Model

There are a large variety of available screen types to cater to the exact needs of every homeowner. This includes various styles of screen mesh with different visual profiles and sizes. Keeping mosquitoes and flies out does not require a fine mesh whereas pollen reducing mesh does. 

Screen material Characteristics Suitable for
aluminium robust, durable, impact proof light well covers
premium steel robust, durable, impact proof light well covers
pet-screen robust, scratch proof door systems
clear screen exceptionally translucent windows, skylights, doors
pollen protection stops almost 90 % of flower pollen windows, skylights, doors
fibreglass standard screen windows, skylights, doors

Impact proof aluminium fly screens are perfect for use with light wells and other areas that may see more wear and tear. Fibreglass offers reliable protection and is standard for most models. It is available in many colours. Anthracite coloured mesh offers the best protection from the sun for example.

Transparent mesh can create brighter rooms and more natural sunlight, whereas a pollen prevention screen is appropriate for allergy sufferers, because it stops the majority of flower pollen from entering the home.

Pet owners should attach robust and durable pet protection to keep insects out and their own pets inside.

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