Fly Screens for Windows

Various Systems and Designs – Attaching Fly Screens even without Drilling

Insects can cause many problems in the warmer months of the year. Flies and other bugs can disturb your sleep and may otherwise negatively influence your quality of living. It is therefore important to attach fly screens to windows and doors that reliably stop insects from entering your home. Whether via a clamping, revolving or sliding frame – there is a large range of products for this purpose. There are, however, differences in terms of component types and installation.

Important Criteria for ordering Fly Screens

Various factors should be considered before purchasing fly screens for your apartment or house.

  • How much effort do you want to put into the installation of fly screens?
  • What requirements do you have in terms of insect defence?
  • How much money do you want spend on anti-insect measures?

The proper selection of the appropriate product is an important step during the purchasing process. After all, not all products may be suitable for your purposes, as every window puts different requirements on fly screens.

Fly Screens for a customized Window

Simple clamping frames or vertical blinds are highly cost-effective, easy and quick to install and available in all dimensions. Both can be installed without drilling, though the window’s function will be slightly restricted when using clamping frames.

After installation, it is obviously no longer possible to pass objects through the window. It is also slightly more complicated to water plants on the exterior windowsill, as the fly screens have to be removed from the frame first.

More comfortable are fly screens within rotating frames. They can often also be mounted without drilling, allowing the casement to be opened and closed as with any normal window.

Please keep in mind that rotating frames are often not available for roof windows. There is also the possibility to install a so-called insect shutter. Shutters for insect protection are available in many different types. A simple shutter can normally be mounted with adhesive strips, whereas high-quality systems usually require the installation of guiding rails.

Fly Screens for any Door

The patio door is typically used as a passage between house and garden during the summer. This is the reason why it is very important to prevent insects from entering through this large opening.

Rotating or sliding doors offer the most reliable insect prevention in this position. Both systems may be installed without drilling. Should you have a larger door, consider installing a high-quality model with an aluminium frame.

Massive insect protection doors should always be screwed-in. This step can ensure that no insects are able to enter through small gaps or cracks which might form by the casement being warped or shifted under its own weight.

One particularly elegant option is the pleated curtain. It can be opened and closed by pushing the curtain from the sides to the centre. Such fly screens are folded like an accordion and can be hidden almost entirely into the frame of the door.

Selecting the appropriate Model

There are a large variety of available screen types, differing in terms of respective customer needs and the installation method necessitated by the model.

Screen materialCharacteristicsSuitable for
aluminiumrobust, durable, impact prooflight well covers
premium steelrobust, durable, impact prooflight well covers
pet-screenrobust, scratch proofdoor systems
clear screenexceptionally translucentwindows, skylights, doors
pollen protectionstops almost 90 % of flower pollenwindows, skylights, doors
fibreglassstandard screenwindows, skylights, doors

Impact proof aluminium fly screens are perfect for use with light wells. Fibreglass offers reliable protection and is standard for most models.

It is available in many colours. Best sun protection is guaranteed with anthracite coloured grids.

Trial can create brighter rooms and more natural sunlight, whereas a pollen prevention screen is appropriate for allergy sufferers, because it stops the majority of flower pollen from entering the home.

Pet owners should attach robust and durable pet protection to keep insects out and their own pets inside.

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