Hardwood Patio Doors

Impress with Elegance

Hardwood doors are a popular choice due to their elegant appearance and environmental friendliness. Despite being one of the oldest building materials in the world, nothing still comes close to the cosy and warm look of timber. As a natural material and renewable resource, it is also an ideal choice for those seeking the most sustainable solutions for their home. Finally, timber boasts excellent natural insulation abilities meaning lower energy bills for you. 

Opening Mechanisms for any Home

Hardwood patio doors are available with a variety of different opening mechanisms. Most commonly, the following three options can be found:

  • Lift and slide 
  • Tilt and Slide
  • Bifold doors (folding doors)

All of these systems are ideal candidates for patio installation because they are practical and easy to use while also saving space. Especially for particularly small patios, a sliding door helps ensure the most efficient use of limited space. 

When securely airing out a room, even when not at home, a tilt and slide opening mechanism is the best choice. Its leaf can be offset parallel to the frame and locked in this position, leaving a small gap for airflow without allowing uninvited guests to enter your home.

The Advantages of Hardwood Patio Doors

Just as a tree can easily live for centuries, timber ensures long-term strength and durability for your patio doors. Best of all, with proper care, timber only looks better with time. 

Aluminium clad timber frames combine the sturdiness of metal with the traditional aesthetics and insulating qualities of wood. They also allow for different colours to be applied on either side - from classic white to red or yellow, the choice is yours.

Their excellent performance in regards to thermal insulation and energy efficiency is also worth mentioning. Of all available materials used to construct frames and leafs, timber has by nature the best insulating qualities. It is thus a viable option for anyone emphasizing sustainable living and low energy bills.

A Wide Range of Colours and Finishes

Timber is an excellent base material to customise. We offer a huge range of RAL colours as well as natural stains and varnishes for those who prefer a more natural look.

The varnish also protects your door against the weather, thus guaranteeing great durability over a long period of time. Even the seals and fittings can be individually coloured to create exciting accents and the exact look and colour combination for your project.

Custom Glazing Options for Insulation, Security & Soundproofing

Glass makes up the largest surface area of patio doors meaning it plays a major role in the overall security and energy-efficiency of a door.

Neuffer offers a range of double and triple glazing combinations to suit a variety of requirements. The choice is never either-or, but what combination you would like.

You can choose our triple glazed option for maximum energy savings and still add laminated safety glass to the outer pane to increase security. Further options such as warm edge spacers, additional locking points, and argon gas filling are all available.

Locking  Door Handles

In order to further increase the security of your home, external wooden doors should be equipped with lockable handles. Burglars often attempt to break the glass and insert a grabbing tool to manipulate the handle and gain access. If the handle is locked, however, this is no longer possible. Without being in possession of the key to unlock the mechanism, the handle cannot be turned at all.

Sustainable Living with Hardwood Patio Doors

No matter whether you choose oak or Meranti, hardwood timber is an excellent choice for sustainable construction. The prices for high-quality timbers are slightly steeper than for synthetic materials, but their overall quality and long-term durability easily justifies the investment. Combining the natural energy efficiency as well as the pleasing aesthetics of the material with one of the many available opening mechanisms makes hardwood patio doors an ideal solution for any home.

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