Once you've chosen your custom windows, it's time to decide on a few final details like window sills. They may seem minor compared to other fixtures in your home, but they serve many important functions such as providing an attractive accent or decoration, a place to set and display things, protection against moisture, heat loss and outside noise. Available in a variety of designs, colours, and materials, interior window sills are an important part of your overall window. They can be customised in pearl white, metallic, black or in a squeaky-clean polar white with a choice of edge profiles.

Our window sills by Werzalit are available in a wide range of styles that not only look great but also deliver the quality they promise. Whether for a new construction or a renovation project, window sills must fulfill rigorous physical requirements. Window sills made by Werzalit are produced via a patented high-pressure moulding process.

The decorative coatings, applied in up to five layers, remain intact even at high temperatures and stay fused to the upper surface. This means the surface is scratch-resistant, durable, easy to clean and resistant to acids. The coating is non-fading per DIN 54004 standards. Thanks to the integrated molded edges, Werzalit’s products do not use glued layers - this increases the overall stability and guarantees protection against moisture buildup. Werzalit window sills represent the highest quality available. They are absolutely stable, moisture resistant, long-lasting and practically indestructible.

Size and Design

Werzalit offers a range of window sill styles and colours to match the look of any room. They offer a huge selection of colors and decor finishes as well as varying widths. Whether your window sill should rather appear discreetly in the background or prominently, you have a choice of a single color, marbled or wood grain finish.

The colors range from pure white to red or black. Depending on the accent you’re after, the colour choice can change the entire look of a window. The chosen width of your window sill will depend on the depth of the masonry and desired overhang. This can be anywhere from 10cm to 55cm. Be careful not to provide too much cover over radiators or other heating elements that may be located under the window so that you allow heated air to freely circulate upwards.

Our interior window sills can be either cut to your desired length or supplied in 6 meter lengths. Accessories such as the end caps Are also available should you choose to cut them to size on-site.

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