Round Windows

Add Something Different to Your Home

Round windows are the perfect design solution to create a unique appearance and space. They break the monotony of the straight lines and rectangles that define most homes and buildings. They become an instant focal point in any room and draw visitors to them. Available in both fixed and operable models, Neuffer can craft a custom solution for your project.

Modern Circular Window Designs

Curved, porthole, circle or circular - whatever you call them, round windows are an excellent choice for both new construction and renovation. They particularly stand out in renovations, giving your home a whole new look at minimal effort and cost. 

We can manufacture and supply bespoke windows in both circle and oval shapes whether as small portholes that are popular in bathrooms or as a large centrepiece in your living room. There is both a range of sizes and of opening options including:

  • Fixed windows
  • Vertical or Horizontal pivot windows
  • Tilt-only windows

Design wise, they are available as full circles, ovals, semi-circles or standard arched windows. 

Circular Windows: The Essential Differences

Contemporary circular windows come standard double glazing and can be customised with triple glazing, warm edge spacers, security glass and soundproofing glass. Their shape however, does come with several minor restrictions.

  • Limited types of opening mechanisms
  • Window sills are typically not integrated
  • Roller shutters are not integrated

Since windowsills and roller shutters can be added externally, the limitation of opening mechanisms is perhaps the most important point to consider. Circle-shaped frames typically feature a centre-mounted pivot mechanism. This rules out slide or tilt-and-turn mechanisms for practical purposes.

The hidden advantage of round windows is that they have lower space requirements and can easily be added to many areas of the home, both interior and exterior. Even pivot windows require less space as only half the casement turns inwards, saving room on the inside. This is mainly due to the absence of corners. A round window can easily fit into the gable area, for example, as its size is not limited by horizontal corners - only by its entire diameter.

Available Options for Round Windows

Round windows are freely customisable to meet your individual needs and match your existing facade. 

  • uPVC, timber or aluminium clad frames
  • 5- or 6-chamber profiles for uPVC models
  • Gas-filled double or triple glazing
  • Additional security options such as laminated safety glass
  • Fixed, pivoting and tilt-only models

Neuffer specialises in and offers only custom work. Therefore, we make the entire RAL colour range available as well as decorative and woodgrain foils for uPVC. Timber may be painted or instead left with a natural stain or finish. Glazing bars (muntins) may also be configured, whether simulated or real glass-dividing ones. Your imagination is the limit.

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