Aluminium is known not just for its strength and weather resistance, but also continuing to maintain a fantastic appearance with minimal upkeep. As the most popular material for new windows and doors today, uPVC features excellent insulation at great prices. Together, aluminium-uPVC windows provide a premium look, energy-efficiency and durability while remaining affordable. In short, they offer great value at low prices.

Why Choose Aluclad uPVC?

When the idea to combine aluminium cladding with uPVC window frames was first proposed, it was greeted with scepticism. Today, modern manufacturing technology combined with high quality materials has made aluminium clad uPVC not just a popular choice among homeowners, but an all-round high performer. Trade-offs are typical when choosing between say performance and looks or between cost and quality. Advantages include:

  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Excellent insulation properties and U-values
  • Tough and secure
  • Easily customisable

The solid metal exterior shell provides long-term durability, added security against break-ins, minimal upkeep requirements and a sharp modern look. The multi-chambered uPVC frame allows for top energy efficiency while not breaking the bank. With a range of colours for both sides and excellent u-factors, aluminium clad uPVC is an excellent choice for those seeking energy efficiency, modern aesthetics and great value for money.

U-values & Thermal Performance

Our three different frame options ensure that we can build a French door to meet or exceed your energy saving specifications, whether for a passive house or just a nice step up from old domestic windows. Our Energeto series for example, features multiple internal chambers to boost the frame’s insulating ability. Some models go a step further with precision high pressure foam filling to maximise thermal performance. The exterior aluminium cladding also provides a further increase, raising the overall U-value.

Yet, with glass taking up the largest percentage of surface area, glazing still plays a key role. We recommend triple glazing with low Ug-values for the best energy efficiency and to stay ahead of rising building standards. The spaces in-between individual panes can also be filled with argon. It is more resistant to temperature changes than air, leading to reduced heat loss and better U-values.

Security you can count on

For doors and windows, metal is still the most useful material when it comes to burglary protection, even surpassing wood. Non-reinforced uPVC windows and doors can be warped when strong force is applied, allowing intruders easy access to the locking mechanism. The committed burglar, confronted with a timber-framed door, will attempt to break the wooden frame using heavy tools such as crowbars in order to gain entry. In contrast to this, high-quality aluminium is almost indestructible without the use of power tools.

Not only does the exterior shell provide protection from the forces of nature, but it also adds significantly to the overall security of your home. Combined with additional options such as laminated safety glass or glazing bars, aluclad windows offer better security than those made solely from uPVC, and even exceed the security of wooden frames without an exterior shell.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Since all of our aluminium surfaces are anodised and thus corrosion-proof, there is virtually no need for regular upkeep. The same applies to the non-metal uPVC frame. Compared to timber, uPVC frames can remain in like-new condition for a long time with only minimal maintenance. Occasionally wiping down the frame and glass with a wet cloth is as difficult as it gets!

Your Choice of Colours

Our French door frames can easily be tailored to your individual needs using entire RAL colour range. For aluminium, your chosen colour is applied via powder coating while specialized foils are applied at the factory directly to the uPVC frame.

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