As one of Aluplast’s most advanced profiles, energeto TwinSet 8000 combines the benefits of modern uPVC and durable aluminium to create a high-quality, durable, and passive house certified energy-efficient final product. With a Ultradur® High Speed carbon fibre reinforcement built into the profile’s base and innovative bonding technology used to fuse the glazing, market leading watertightness and thermal insulation can also be relied upon.

energeto TwinSet 8000 – the details

  • Sash and frame: Ultradur® High Speed technology reinforced profile as well as glazing bonded by modern single-component polyurethane adhesive.
  • Glazing: Regular glazing with a 36-58 mm pane thickness which guarantees soundproofing with a Rw value of up to 44dB, as well as thermal insulation with a passive house certified Uw-value as low as 0.78 W/(m2K) (for a window sized 1230 x 1480 mm).
  • Construction depth: The profile has a 95 mm construction depth and flush design which gives it its slim appearance.
  • Sealing levels: Central gasket system with 6 chambers and 3 sealing levels featuring weather-resistant, built-in seals, including a middle seal.
  • Material: Due to sturdy aluminium external cladding, with a 10-year guarantee, protecting a uPVC base manufactured with modern additive technology, the profile is highly durable as well as lead, cadmium, and barium free.
  • Security: Highly effective basic security package with an activPilot® opening mechanism complete with two mushroom head security pins which fit the two secure strike plates. A tilt-and-turn malfunction lock can also be added.
  • Colours: The profile’s standard uPVC interior is available in white or a decor, and the three sealing levels in papyrus white or black. A wide variety of decors and RAL quality assured colours can then be chosen for the cladding.

Fused sturdiness and energy-efficiency

The energeto TwinSet 8000 profile features BASF’s innovative Ultradur® High Speed carbon fibre reinforcement as well as glazing bonded by modern adhesive technology. These special features offer superior thermal values and a system stability that does away with the need for traditional steel inserts.

Looking into the details, for example, BASF’s Ultradur® High Speed reinforcement and the profile’s six chambers work to protect the window from external temperatures by limiting conduction through the product. The pioneering reinforcement is also welded into the profile’s corners, giving the window a sturdier build than its regular counterparts.

In terms of the adhesive technology binding the glass to the profile, this is made from elasticated single component polyurethane which further helps to sturdy the entire window.

The adhesive also brings the added benefits of increasing thermal and sound insulation as well as security due to its role in tightening the structure.

uPVC and aluminium combined – double the benefits

Pairing uPVC with aluminium in one product brings numerous advantages. A naturally insulating material, the modern uPVC profile core of energeto TwinSet 8000 and its multi-layered internal structure mean that the window can achieve u-values as low as 0.78 W/(m2K). This prevention of heat loss and highly effective ability to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, mean that the profile is one of our ultra-low energy passive house certified products.

In terms of the external aluminium cladding coating the uPVC core, the additional layer also plays a role in improving insulation and really steps up in terms of protecting the profile from the elements. With a 10-year guarantee the cladding is low-maintenance, adds durability, and can even be coated in a quality assured RAL colour of your choice which remains vibrant despite much solar UV exposure.

Increased comfort and security

The energeto TwinSet 8000 profile is installed with high-quality fittings from the traditional German manufacturer Winkhaus. With a customisable number of locking points, innovative tilt-and-turn mechanism, and a steel malfunction lock, security and ease of use can be relied upon.

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