Arched Windows

Timeless Design in Segmental, Round and Gothic Options

The arch is a timeless feature, evoking classical style and elegance. Perfected and widely used by the Romans, it has been part of Western architecture whether in thousand year old monuments or modern homes. While no longer required for their strength, they add beauty and natural light, often serving as an upper transom, creating a unique look and increasing overall curb appeal. Neuffer offers custom built arched windows in a variety of frame materials and styles.

Your choice of Materials

Whatever your facade or existing windows, we can design a bespoke arched window to match. This includes window frames in uPVC, timber, aluminium or some combination thereof. 

The material of the frame and casement defines their appearance. Whether light or dark colours – the choice of colour has an indirect influence on the light conditions in a room. Aside from common materials you can also choose between various types:

  • Iron models
  • Cast models
  • Steel models

All materials have unique characteristics, which influence insulation values, cost and strength. 

Sophisticated Designs

Arched frames are not only available in different materials, but also in various shapes. Indeed, there are actually many different types of arches and thus an arch window can come in many different styles. 

Another important factor to consider is that the other elements of your facade – such as doors, and existing windows – match in terms of appearance. Our large selection gives the opportunity to create frames and casements that perfectly match existing architectural conditions. Some of the most popular arch window shapes are:

  • Round windows
  • Segmental windows
  • Gothic windows
  • Pointed windows

While round and segmental arched windows are still very popular with building owners, pointed and gothic arched frames are more likely to be installed in historical buildings or in renovation projects.

How to Install an Arch Window

Depending on size and design, do-it-yourself enthusiasts can usually install common windows themselves and without professional assistance. But the special shape of arched windows makes the installation procedure slightly more difficult.

The additional arch on top of the rectangular element must be installed professionally in the masonry. In contrast to normal front doors, installing an arched window system is a task best left to professionals.

Energy Efficiency in Arched Windows

Despite their unique shape and design, arched windows can offer the same excellent insulation values as any other modern window. Like in standard windows, the U-value measures the ability of energy to move from one side of the window to the other. In order to achieve the best insulation and energy efficiency, multiple high quality seals are required as well as the right frame and special glazing. Points to consider include:

  • Thickness of the glass
  • Number of seals
  • Number of internal chambers
  • Frame material

Please be aware that the best insulation values can only be achieved if the arched windows are professionally installed. It is true that you can save money by installing components yourself, but poorly installed windows can leak air and thus energy between the masonry and frame no matter the U-value and glazing type.

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