Balconies don't just enhance a home's appearance, they improve the quality of life. From small Juliet balconies to large walk out ones, they all require some form of window or glazed door. Typically, French doors are used to offer the most natural light into the home, the best views and easy access at the same time. 

What Features Should Balcony Windows offer?

All windows and doors - whether made of aluminium, uPVC or timber- should meet certain functional requirements and still be aesthetically pleasing and balcony windows are no different. Requirements include

  • Design and aesthetics should complement the appearance of the house
  • Sufficient sound protection
  • Energy efficiency that meets local building codes
  • Appropriate burglary prevention based on location

Purchasing a high-quality custom made product offers superior performance and durability to domestic made products and pays for itself over the lifetime both in use and lower energy bills.

First Impressions Matter

The type and shape of your balcony determines the design of new windows. Balconies on the sides of buildings allow for almost any type of window. It’s important to consider the character of your home and make sure your choice of windows complements it.

When a window is mounted to the roof, we recommend considering special designs such as roof windows with flashing. Flashing improves thermal insulation and prevents moisture and condensation from accumulating.

Since Neuffer only offers custom made windows, you determine the exact dimensions and colours. We offer frames in a variety of materials including uPVC, timber and aluminium. The material should be selected to match the existing facade - if the balcony door is made of aluminium, an aluminium window would be an aesthetic match. Last but not least, do not forget the window sills, a small feature but one that must also match.

Thermal Insulation and Sound Absorption

Proper thermal insulation is not only important for saving energy, but also meeting your national and/or local building regulations. Since our windows are built in Germany, they all meet the minimum standards required by law.

System/Component U-value in W/(m2K)
Windows 1.3
Skylights 1.4
Domed rooflights 2.7
Thermal insulation windows 0.95

All new window models must have a U-value of 1.3 W/(m2K) or better and rooflights a value of 1.4 W/(m2K). 

Due to their material, timber balcony windows generally feature excellent thermal insulation values. Aluminium or uPVC models, on the other hand, should be equipped with high-quality seals and multi-chamber profiles. Reliable noise protection is dependant on both a proper airtight installation as well as the specific type of glazing chosen. Special noise reduction glazing is available and can reduce the decibel level based on the level of glass chosen. This is accomplished with special coatings, increased gaps between panes, gas filling and special cast resin panes.

Burglary Protection and Security

Balcony guardrails guarantee security for residents. However, professional burglars often use this as a convenient way to enter a house. This is why balcony doors and windows should always feature burglary protection measures. This is especially true for balconies on lower floors that are easily reachable from the ground. These should at the very least feature typical security elements of resistance class RC 2, such as mushroom cams and window locks. Furthermore, the glazing should be laminated safety glass, to provide resistance against forced entry at this level.

Frame parts made of aluminium have a positive effect on burglary prevention as well. A window incorporating aluminium parts therefore typically provides a greater degree of burglary protection in comparison to a uPVC model, for example. Finally, no comprehensive security system is complete without an integrated alarm system.

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