Bay Windows

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Bay windows offer fantastic views, natural light and a touch of elegance to any room. They become the highlight of the area, making rooms appear larger and friendlier while increasing your home's value and kerb appeal. With large glass surfaces and a range of styles, bay windows can be custom designed and built to meet any combination of aesthetic, energy and security requirements. They first became widespread in Victorian architecture in Great Britain and spread from there to other English speaking countries. Today, they are found worldwide.

An Overview of Bay Windows

Bay windows fit nearly any style of home and location and are available in various shapes, angles and types. Whether for bedrooms, kids' rooms or living rooms, they add light, space and a great view anywhere. While sometimes confused with bow windows, bay windows have three sections, the middle of which is fixed (also called a picture window). The two side windows usually open and can be individually configured, for example as basic casement windows or as tilt and turn. Bay windows also take a more angular form, while bow are rounded as the name suggests. They protrude outwards forming a small bay and adding a little extra space to the interior. 

When configuring your custom made bay windows, there are several factors to keep in mind:

  • Design – Bay windows are decorative elements to some degree. It is important to ensure they perfectly match the existing architecture.
  • Thermal insulation – Proper insulation ensures that your heating bills won't rise and that the room's temperature remains consistent.
  • Sound reduction – With large glass surfaces, ensure that you choose the proper amount of sound reduction based on your home's location (urban, suburban, rural etc.)
  • Burglary protection – Particularly for ground floor installations, it is important to select additional security features.

For additional privacy and security, roller shutters can easily can be mounted onto bay window systems so that sunlight may still enter while your privacy is still protected when necessary.

Windows are an important Part of Modern Architecture

To ensure your new bay windows fit seamlessly with your existing home, it is important to select the right material. Neuffer offers frames in uPVC, timber and aluminium clad versions of both for a total of four different options.

Whatever your choice, we offer the full range of RAL colours, decorative foils and a variety of natural stains and finishes to ensure the greatest flexibility possible. Dual colours are an option so that your new windows match both the exterior facade and interior as well. Choosing lighter shades also helps to increase light. Choose Georgian bars in addition to complete that traditional or historic look in older homes.

Thermal Insulation and Sound Absorption

Bay windows do not only need to be aesthetically pleasing, they also have to meet certain functional requirements.

Nowadays, triple glazing is generally recommended for all new work. See the difference in your monthly utility bills while saving energy and enjoying more consistent interior temperatures without cold areas near the window. We offer a variety of glass types and further glazing options to meet your design, performance and budget requirements.

Finally, for homes noisy areas, whether urban or near an airport for example, it is worthwhile considering additional sound reducing glazing. It can be combined with both security and insulating glass and offers multiple levels of noise reduction, measured in decibels.

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