French Casement Windows

Classic, Elegant and Secure

French casement windows are very similar to standard casement ones and function essentially like French doors. They consist of two sashes, one primary and one secondary. Each swings open like a door, mounted on side hinges but without a central mullion that detracts from the view. This allows double French windows to create a larger open space. Enjoy more light, better views, better ventilation and even the additional safety of a potential fire escape. 

French Casement Windows with no Central Mullion

In the past, multi-sash windows usually had a fixed central post or mullion which divided the sashes. The disadvantage was a having a large wood post dividing the opening. French casements solve this problem by having a primary and secondary sash where the secondary locks into the primary. This is also called a "flying mullion" and preserves the same functionality while allowing each sash to swing out. Enjoy the full unobstructed view your windows have to offer. Further features include:

  • Elegant look with unrestricted views
  • Easy-clean design with inswing casements
  • Available in multiple materials and glazing options
  • Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Can be fitted with custom security glazing

It is important to remember however that with the flying mullion, both sashes cannot be tilted simultaneously. The primary sash can be tilted and opened and the secondary can only swing open. For individual sashes over 1.5 metres wide however, a mullion is recommended for structural support. 

Choosing Window Materials

French casement windows are available in all standard frame materials including timber and uPVC as well as aluminium clad versions of each. Timber is the most traditional and features good natural insulation and durability. Nevertheless, it does require more upkeep compared to other materials when it is directly exposed to the weather. The exact location of your window, both in your home and climate wise will determine how regularly this is necessary. A cold area on the coast will be harsher than a mild Mediterranean one. 

 Aluminium is the toughest material overall, offering the best weather-resistance, durability and looks with the least upkeep. When budget is the primary driver, uPVC is the best choice while aluminium clad uPVC offers a great mix of price, performance and aesthetics.

Energy Efficiency and Sound Reduction

Good thermal insulation is important in order to save energy, lower heating bills and reduce your environmental impact. Neuffer's French casement windows are designed to be extremely efficiency so you never have to worry about cold spots near the window area or draughts entering the home. UPVC French casement windows with multiple internal chambers, can offer superb insulation well below Passive House values. Adding an aluminium shell further boosts security, durability and insulation and can still offer overall Uw-values below 0.8 if required. 

Whether you choose timber, uPVC or an aluclad option, your choice of glazing is paramount. Glass still covers the largest surface area of the total window giving it the greatest potential to save or lose energy. A minimum of double glazing is standard on all Neuffer windows while triple glazing is generally recommended nowadays. It not only serves to improve thermal insulation but acoustic too, meaning less outside noise disturbing you indoors. Warm edge spacers, low-e coatings to reflect heat inside or outside as well as special soundproof glazing can all be added to make a window that perfectly matches your needs and location. 

Safety & Security

Despite the lack of a central dividing post, French casement windows can still provide excellent protection against burglary. They can optionally be upgraded up to Resistance Class 2 (RC2) including multi-point locks and laminated safety glass. Additional options including locking handles are available as well as roller shutters or adding glazing bars, all of which increase security and reduce the risk of burglary. Roller shutters offer the further benefits of providing more privacy and insulation in winter.

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