Robust Metal Windows

Long Term Security & Durability

Whether building a new home or renovating an existing one, windows play a major role in its security, energy efficiency and its style. Metal windows excel in all three of these areas and are standard in commercial structures around the world. However, they offer the same benefits to residential buildings and were even common in the past, iron in particular. All of our windows are crafted in Germany and feature the same high-tech manufacturing techniques and quality control that make our engineering products world renowned. 

Features of Aluminium and Steel Windows

Metal offers a wide range of advantages compared to other materials. Their higher price compared to synthetic materials is offset by the advantages of a product that can last many decades and easily put up with heavy duty commercial use. 

  • Modern, minimalist aesthetics
  • Excellent strength and weather-resistance
  • Cannot rust
  • Low maintenance
  • Unmatched security 
  • Excellent values for sound absorption
  • Non-flammable and suitable as a fire prevention measure
  • Very good thermal insulation in combination with uPVC profiles

Lightweight yet incredibly strong, aluminium windows and doors make an excellent new or replacement option for any home. They complement modern architectural styles and can be manufactured as solid metal frames or as exterior cladding. For the ultimate bespoke solution, we recommend aluminium clad timber windows. They combine a sleek modern aesthetic and superb durability on the outside with the beauty and elegance of wood on the inside.

Thermal Insulation, Sound Absorption and Fire prevention

Metal may not have the same insulation properties as uPVC or timber, however modern fenestration technology has solved this problem in several ways. Firstly, steel is actually far less conductive than aluminium making it a better choice energy wise. Nevertheless, windows and doors today are no longer constructed made out of a continuous solid piece of metal. Instead, they are designed with a so-called thermal break and often referred to as "thermally broken." This means placing another material with low conductivity between each side of the metal. 

Without this, the metal functions as a thermal bridge, allowing energy to quickly and easily move from the inside to outside via the metal frame. For windows, that means quickly losing heat and higher energy bills for you regardless of glazing type. Thermal breaks are typically made of materials like uPVC, carbon fibre and polymer. 

But preventing energy loss is just one aspect of insulation. External noise can be just as great a problem, particularly in urban areas and densely populated cities. Triple glazing can be designed to both save energy as well as make it difficult for sound waves to pass through. Arranging panes of different thicknesses asymmetrically helps decelerate sound waves and reduce the decibel level. 

Finally, the fireproof benefits of metal often go unconsidered for residential properties. Compared to uPVC and timber, metal offers the best fire resistance and strength and can be optionally combined with fire-resistant glazing if desired. 

Burglary Prevention and Security

Given the unmatched robustness and strength of metal frames, they are idea in terms of security. Further fitting your windows with multipoint locking mechanisms, mushroom cams, concealed security hinges only make it that much better. We offer several Resistance Class (RC) levels to choose from.

Lockable handles are available in many different shapes and colours. You can also select from several materials, such as premium steel, aluminium or uPVC, providing a large spectrum for individualisation, while still guaranteeing great security.

Glazing is often the weak point in any window. Especially for houses in rural areas, laminated safety glass is generally recommended. A special foil sandwiched between two glass panes holds the glass together and prevents it from shattering when struck.

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