Panorama Windows

Stunning Views with Uncompromising Performance

Blur the boundary between your home and the outdoors with panoramic windows in your home. With uninterrupted views spanning entire walls, they become an eye-catching centrepiece and increase both kerb appeal and home value. Whether you want to take advantage of fantastic views, maximise natural light or make a small room feel larger, Neuffer will work with you to craft a bespoke solution in the material, size and shape of your choice.

Energy Efficiency in Large Glass Surfaces

Our windows are built exclusively in Germany to our exacting quality and energy standards with at least double glazing. Although the minimum Uw-value for new residential windows is 1.3 W/m2K, we typically beat that by a significant margin and can easily offer sweeping panoramic windows that meet stringent Passive House performance standards.

Neuffer offers a range of customisation options to achieve your energy and insulation requirements as well as save you money on monthly energy bills. These include:

  • Single material and multi-material frames
  • Double or triple glazing
  • A range of glass choices with different Ug-values
  • Argon gas filling between individual panes
  • Warm edge spacers
  • Roller shutters

Bring an attractive view of the outside indoors without cold spots, high energy bills or inconsistent room temperatures!

Choosing the Right Frame Material

Your choice of material doesn't just play a large role in a window's appearance, but its energy performance too. UPVC, timber and aluminium clad models of either come with a unique combination of insulating, security and durability properties, not to mention aesthetic.

Given the size of panorama windows, budget concerns can be an issue for some projects. Fortunately, even the most affordable materials can be upgraded with additional fittings and insulating features if required which can bring them to the same level as timber.

Aluminium cladding will boost the durability, security and looks of both timber and uPVC frames.

Timber boasts natural insulation and strength and provides a warm, natural look for any home. For those on a budget, aluclad uPVC provides solid security, insulation and aesthetics at a great price. Aluminium cladding represents the best of both worlds with a premium exterior look and better durability.

For the ultimate bespoke solution and unparalleled aesthetics, aluclad timber frames are second to none. They feature a sleek modern look outside and robust weather resistance. This adds up to minimal upkeep over the years and the same cosy look of wood indoors. As with windows, there is a wide range of further options that can be fitted to reach the thermal insulation, sound reduction and security needs of your project. 

Sound Reduction

Noise pollution is a growing health issue and can lower quality of life for those living in urban areas. While it often seems an unavoidable consequence of the modern world, it does not have to be. Windows can be insulated not just in terms of thermal energy, but sound too. Reducing the movement of energy from one side of the window to the other applies to acoustic energy as well.

Neuffer offer several levels of sound reducing glazing measured in decibel levels. For urban areas or those near airports or train tracks, ensuring your beautiful view isn't ruined by external noise is key to enjoying your home.

Security and Burglary Protection

Large panorama windows can be a potential vulnerability depending on their location. A second floor installation presents little risk while ground level windows require more security. For operable windows, this includes multipoint locking, shootbolts, locking handles and concealed hinges.

For both fixed and operable windows, laminated safety glass should be installed on the outermost pane at least in order to provide an added layer of security and make breaking the glass difficult. All of these options and more are available and allow for a completely individual configuration.

Colour and Design

Neuffer offers the entire RAL colour range of options. Each frame material comes with its own set of options including natural stains and finishes for timber, powder coatings for aluminium cladding and a range of decorative foils for uPVC.

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