Functional and aesthetic needs typically come first in windows and doors. However, given that they are potentially the most vulnerable part of a home's facade, it is critical to employ a range of modern security features so only you enjoy your new windows, not burglars too. Neuffer specialises in manufacturing custom solutions using only the latest technology and high quality German made materials. Security windows are essential for a safe home and peace of mind. 


The Right Security Measures

Deterring a break-in is even better than resisting one. Most criminals survey their target beforehand. This offers homeowners the opportunity to convince them to look elsewhere by fitting some or all of the following options:

  • Multi-point locks with integrated mushroom cams
  • Laminated or impact resistant glass 
  • Locking handles (button or key)
  • Installing an electronic alarm system
  • Installing lights on automatic timers
  • Roller shutters which further complicate entry and increase security

We can supply a unique combination of features to meet your individual project needs.

Secure Handles

In terms of handles, some important factors for security windows are not just the aesthetics, tactile feel and functionality. To guarantee protection, the chosen handles should offer integrated locking cylinders. A locked handle effectively stops professional burglars while also preventing children from accidentally opening windows from the inside. The shape, colour and material can all be individually selected according to your personal wishes.

Window Security Fittings and Hardware

Fittings for windows are extremely important elements, significantly improving the burglary prevention of your home. They can be distinguished into various resistance classes. Class RC 1 features mushroom cams for both the top and bottom of the frame and casement as well as an additional reinforced security plate. Windows of this resistance class also feature drill protection and integral safety mechanism to prevent incorrect use (e.g. trying to tilt the casement when it is already open). 

Special Security Glazing

Besides standard glazing, there are several special variants available for security windows and doors:

  • Tempered glass
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Impact resistant glazing

Tempered glass is manufactured via a special process that creates internal stress in the window. The effect of this is that when broken, the window shatters completely with few if any pieces of glass remaining in the frame. It does not produce shards but instead small blunt square like pieces. Anyone who has seen a broken phone booth or passenger window has seen tempered glass. It is a great safety measure, but unfortunately does nothing for security. 

Laminated glass however, is the ideal solution for residential properties. It consists of multiple panes which are coated with at least one layer of tear-resistant PVB foil. This foil has no visible effect on the view, but it protects the pane against impacts. Furthermore, if the pane has been damaged, the foil guarantees that fragments stick to the film. Aside from providing protection against burglars, this also decreases the risk of injury significantly if a window is accidentally hit.

Impact-resistant glass is a special type of security glazing measured in levels A1, A2 and A3. It is tested with a 10 cm metal ball weighing 4.11 kg which is dropped on the pane from a height of three, six and nine metres respectively.  

For houses in residential areas, A1 glazing is generally sufficient. Remote holiday houses or particularly expensive properties require a higher security level. Because the difference in price between levels A2 and A3 is relatively small, we generally recommend A3. 

Resistance Classes

Burglary protection for windows and doors is determined with resistance classes. There are several international systems available. In Germany, DIN EN 1627 is used to define six classes featuring a linear increase in security:

RC Resistance time in minutes Security windows protect against
1 Approx. 3 Physical violence, such as kicks, pushing with the shoulders and pulling
2 At least 3 Tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers and wedges
3 At least 5 Burglary attempts with ordinary crowbars
4 At least 10 Saws and striking tools such as crowbars, axes, hammers or electric drills
5 At least 15 Power tools such as drills or angle grinders
6 At least 20 High performance power tools

Please take all of these factors into consideration when creating an energy efficient and well-protected home using high quality windows.

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