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Since the turn of the century, the rapid growth of technology has come to define our era. From an Apple wallet to nest devices, smart home and Google assistant, innovation and ease of use lies at our fingertips. With our smart locks, homes and commercial buildings can become part of this too, increasing security and functionality while ensuring sleek, stunning design.

Smart locks work without a physical key as the traditional lock is replaced by different smart devices. From high-quality fingerprint access to guest access scheduling, at Neuffer there is a wide range of smart home compatible options to suit individual requirements.

With further customisable features, add-ons, and our expert team on hand to help, the next addition to your smart home could soon be on its way. Beyond our standard strike plate mechanism for manually opening and closing doors with physical keys, we offer the following smart locks for front doors and as retrofit for an aluminium patio door.

  • Fingerprint locking options

  • Electronic locking (buzz-ins)

  • Pin code locking

  • Day and night latches

Front door with glass panels

Fingerprint scanning – security in the unique

Fingerprint scanner systems are some of the most secure smart home compatible door locks we offer. Available with three different mechanisms, multiple users can be remembered and permitted access via the fingerprint reader in this smart lock system.

This access can also be given for a scheduled time period only. As our most popular option, the motorised mechanism works via the installation of a controller placed by the hinges on the inside of door.

This is connected to a power supply and motor, which open the door upon a correct match, before locking upon closure. With something for every budget, our fingerprint smart lock is also available with a door opener contact or wireless cylinder mechanism, which additionally allow for retrofitting solutions. Regardless of the mechanism, customers have the freedom to choose where the scanner should be placed – on a bar handle or grooved into a panel, for example.

Fingerprint scanner next to rosette
Fingerprint scanner next to rosette
Fingerprint scanner on handle
Fingerprint scanner on handle
Fingerprint scanner in panel handle
Fingerprint scanner in panel handle

The electronic door lock

Electronic locks allow users to remain inside and buzz in those wishing to enter. The lock mechanism works via an electromagnetic signal, which causes the motor to release a spring-loaded striking plate to unlock the latch and have the door open. The plate then moves back into place upon closure with an auto lock. As with our other locks, this has entrances become user-friendly, secure systems, which can be integrated into intercoms and offer remote access.

Day and night smart locks – scheduled entry

Our day and night mechanical smart locks allow controlled entry as they can be set to a keyless setting and easily be switched back to a standard lock when needed. This is especially useful for commercial buildings or apartments, which see more traffic during the day but should be secured at night. The latch can also be a nice perk when carrying items indoors or hosting a barbecue.

The numeric keypad lock

A further smart lock option available at Neuffer works via a built-in combination lock or pin code digital key. A numeric pin can be set and will unlock the door upon successful input.

This has the entire lock become versatile as a code can be shared for temporary access before being deleted for a new one, for example.

Other smart features, such as the fingerprint smart lock, can then be integrated into a smart home system, smartphone app, or smart devices.


Keypad lock

Connecting to phones and smart homes

With numerous smart devices on the market, such as Google assistant, the apple home key, or voice commands with Alexa or Google, remote control over the function of buildings and homes is gaining increasing popularity.

Many of our smart locks, such as the motorised fingerprint mechanism, can be integrated to work with smart home platforms and Wi-Fi.

With some professional help and our expert team on hand to answer questions, a pass-by or command can be created in your home network to the smart home or smart home devices so that an impulse will trigger one of our built-in locking motors.

Further options and design possibilities

Our smart lock options can be added to all our front doors, as well as the lift and slide Hi-Finity patio model.

There is then wide scope for bespoke customisation beyond this – the handle's shape, whether round, classic or square, can be chosen, as can a panel or pull opening as well as a dark or stainless-steel colour, pattern and lighting.

Working a little like a video doorbell, a digital peephole can also be built into your smart front door.

Just get in touch with the team to discover more about our smart locks and other smart devices.

Black front door with lighting and side panels


How much does a smart door lock cost?

Doors with smart locks tend to be more expensive than their regular counterparts. A smart lock front door is then generally more affordable than a smart home compatible lift and slide patio model. As our products are bespoke and come with a wide range of customisable options, prices will vary depending on individual design choices and the selected type of smart lock.

Are smart locks worth it?

Replacing an existing lock with a smart one brings increased security and ease of use, especially when connected to a smart home system. With our fingerprint option, even in the event of a power cut, a key can still be used if necessary and safety mechanisms are built into the design. As with every purchase decision, the choice of whether to install a smart lock or connect it to a smart home should be based on personal wishes and requirements.

What about installing smart locks?

Our smart devices are built into the door interior and so are easy to install. They can be integrated into your smart home existing hardware and smart devices with the help of an electrician and our expert team. If your smart home device or phone’s battery life ends, the doors can still be manually opened upon entry.



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