As with most things that are used often, door handles are frequently taken for granted and often overlooked. However, they play an important role in your door's security, appearance and simply enabling people to move in and out. Neuffer offers a wide range of handles to match your style and project including brass, chrome, aluminium and stainless steel. Door knobs, levers, bar and bow pull handles and even fingerprint scanners are all available for installation in the style and finish of your choice.

A Handle for your House - Types, Shapes and Materials

Like doors, handles come in a variety of shapes, materials, styles and finishes and can be individualised to suit your personal aesthetic and technical requirements. Externally, bar and bow shaped handles are the most popular today replacing the old-fashioned lever handle and come with a matt or polished stainless steel surface. Inside, a variety of modern lever styles are available to combine with your choice of lock cylinder.

Available styles include:

  • Push bar
  • Bow shaped bar handles
  • Ball knobs (round or cylindrical)

In the past, lever style handles were common both inside and outside. Today however, non-operable bars and knobs are recommended both for aesthetic and security reasons. Feel free to choose the exact combination that matches your door and facade whether silver or black, matt or polished, brass, aluminium or steel. Bronzed options are also available for those wanting a more antique look.

Smart Home Options: Fingerprint Locks

Although key and lock cylinder technology today is state of the art, more security can sometimes come at the cost of speed and practicality. Enter fingerprint systems for your door. Any home nowadays can benefit from advances in biometric technology.

No more lost keys, rekeying locks or not having enough keys for family members and friends. 

Easily add extra users as necessary whether this be your in-laws or short term guests and enjoy freedom and flexibility of a modern electronic lock on your exterior door.

Standard Door Handles 

Traditional physical locks still provide excellent security and offer improvements to prevent drilling attacks for example. One popular additional construction element for handles is the long escutcheon fitting which consists of two levers - one inside and one outside. Two metal plates with openings for the actual locking mechanism are located between them. Another special type for interior doors is the so-called rosette fitting. It features a clear separation of lever and lock elements, preventing burglars from breaking the entire lock by damaging only one part. 

Externally, handles must be protected from forced entry which is why bar handles and knobs are common today. They only make operating the door easier after it is unlocked but play no role in the locking or unlocking process. Don't let your handle become the weak link on an otherwise secure door. 

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