Neuffer employs only the finest German made window and door fittings in our products. While taken for granted, the difference between a simple hinged window and one with two or three opening methods is the innovative hardware. In fact, many of the major changes in windows have come from advances in hardware which have enabled better security, additional opening options and improved durability. The difference between a child safe window and an unsafe one for example, lies in the fittings. Learn more about our range of hardware below.  

A Comprehensive Range of High Quality Fittings

Neuffer carries four different fittings systems for windows and doors by the Germany manufacturer Winkhaus. These are frame independent and can be installed in uPVC, timber or aluminium clad windows. In the past, simple side hinged systems, known as casement windows, typically featured two hinges installed on one side of the window frame and a handle on the other. Today, modern window fittings run along all four sides of the frame and consist of a combination of cams, stays, restrictors and concealed hinges.

We offer four overall categories of fitting based on function desired.:

  • Tilt and Turn: activPilot and proPilot series tilt-and-turn fittings
  • Parallel Action: activPilot 
  • Turn Only: easyPilot
  • Sliding: duoPort 

Tilt and Turn Fittings

Invented in Germany, the tilt and turn window is the pinnacle of window fitting technology. It combines functionality, security and ease of operation into a single system. It is suitable for all profile and material types and is modular, allowing easy customisation and upgrades with requiring special parts. 

The Winkhaus activPilot system is aimed at timber frames while the proPilot is made just for uPVC. They both offer a modern, pleasing appearance with dual functionality. The handle can be rotated to either swing the sash inwards or to tilt it inwards for draft free ventilation. Based on local custom and your personal preference, each window can be configured to either tilt first or turn first.  In Germany for example, rotating the handle to the horizontal position opens the window from the side whereas rotating it 180 degrees to that it faces upwards will tilt it.

Parallel Action

In addition to tilting and turning, this model also has a parallel offsetting function whereby the window casement is positioned parallel to the frame, creating a gap of about 6 mm between the sash and frame for ventilation purposes. This enables a steady flow of fresh air indoors without opening the window enough to create a safety or security issue if left unattended. In fact, from outside, it's nearly impossible to even tell that the window is anything but closed.

The "parallel action tilt turn" (PADK in German) technology gives a standard window four different handle options: closed, tilted, turned (swung open) or parallel offset. Even when closed, the window is able to maintain up to a Resistance Class II security level (RC2) thanks to the heavy duty hardware and intelligent design.

Turn - Inswing and Outswing Casements

With hinged casement windows being one of the oldest window functions, they are popular worldwide. Winkhaus has developed a range of additional product lines to match the local customs and designs of many countries.

These include the easyPilot Soleil for France, easyPilot Care for the Netherlands, easyPilot Nordic for Scandinavia and the easyPilot Duplex for Great Britain and Ireland. Thus, whether you prefer inswing or outswing, turn only or tilt and turn, Winkhaus has the hardware to match. Nevertheless, the standard fittings are just as suitable for other countries, particularly on new windows where no retrofitting is done. 

Window and Door Handles

The final piece of any opening mechanism is the handle itself. We offer a variety of shapes, styles, materials and finishes to match your individual tastes and the window itself. Choose the exact combination that matches your door and facade whether silver or black, matt or polished, brass, aluminium or steel. Bronzed looks are also available for those wanting a more antique look. Finally, you can choose between both locking and non-locking models based on your window's location (e.g. ground level vs. second floor).

Additional or Replacement Parts Worldwide

Winkhaus has been producing high quality window and door fittings for over one hundred and sixty years. With a worldwide presence, eight international subsidiaries and stockists across the globe, finding additional or replacement parts in the future will not be an issue regardless of where you live.

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