Roller shutter curtain: Aluminium or uPVC?

Roller shutter curtain made of aluminium or uPVC for increased burglary protection and thermal insulation

Roller shutter curtain made of aluminium

Different prices apply to roller shutter curtains made of aluminium – they are often twice as high as a counterpart made of uPVC, but the aluminium version also offers a number of advantages. The first differences are in the locking of the roller shutter hangings, which are attached to an aluminium guide rail in the case of the plastic curtain and to a uPVC guide rail in the case of the aluminium curtain.

In addition to these factors, which mainly concern the assembly, there are also some important differences in terms of your living comfort. The sun protection is just as given with a model made of aluminium as with a model made of uPVC, but there is no risk that the slats made of aluminium yellow or deform in high sunlight. In the long term, the colour and shape of your roller shutter will remain the same. When choosing the colour, you can choose from different RAL colours in order to be able to adapt the surface on the outside wall of your house to your needs.

In addition, a roller shutter curtain made of aluminium has the additional advantage that it is much more stable and therefore safer than the alternative made of uPVC. The protection against burglary and the service life of the slats are therefore significantly higher. The same positive effects also apply to thermal insulation and noise reduction. Here, too, the high-quality material pays off, which also makes less rattling noises than its counterpart.

Roller shutter curtains are offered in various modern designs. The first decision when buying practical privacy and sun protection starts with the material: aluminium or uPVC are available here. The products have different advantages and disadvantages in terms of thermal insulation, safety and prices, but also in terms of their profiles.

However, all variants are available in a wide variety of colours from the entire RAL palette and meet the highest standards in terms of processing and function.

uPVC roller shutter curtains

Compared to roller shutter curtains made of aluminium, models made of uPVC have lower costs. As top mounted or front mounted roller shutters, the slats made of uPVC are not only an alternative from a price point of view, but also offer very good thermal insulation in addition to privacy and sun protection. The decision for the uPVC shutter is therefore also a decision for energy efficiency.

The U-values of the material determine how high the quality of the thermal insulation is. In principle, however, the following applies: A roller shutter made of uPVC offers solid thermal insulation and is ideal for retrofitting. During installation, care should be taken to ensure that the roller shutter box is installed correctly.

In addition, roller shutter curtains made of uPVC offer good sound insulation: noise pollution can be reduced by up to 10 dB with a front mounted roller shutter that is easy to install. This point is particularly important for houses that are on busy roads.

The combination with an insect protection roller blind is also possible with modern roller shutter curtains. This is recommended in heavily used places such as terraces. It is important here that after opening the window, the insect screen can also be operated separately. It should therefore be able to fulfil its function at any time independently of the roller shutter curtain.

Control system as needed

Once you have decided on a specific version, the next step is to choose the desired control system. The following alternatives are available here:

  • Strap drive
  • Crank drive
  • E-motor

With the help of a transmitter, tube motors also offer the option of operating the roller shutters either via a timer or wirelessly. With a remote control, you can control the roller shutter from anywhere in the house or apartment.

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