The most important roller shutter drives at a glance – crank, strap or electrically controlled?

Roller shutter drives are available in different versions, so that you can always find the right model for every living situation. At the same time, given the multitude of options, you may also be wondering which roller shutter drive is best suited for your specific model? You can choose between three different options that are available for all roller shutters. To make your decision easier, here is a brief overview of the available drives and their advantages and disadvantages.


Roller shutter drive with strap

Classic roller shutter drives with a strap are the best known. The roller shutter is simply operated by hand and the strap is rolled up on a strap winder. The installation of these roller shutter drives is also possible for non-professionals, the function is self-explanatory. At the same time, however, it must be emphasized that elderly people, people with physical disabilities or children sometimes find opening and closing difficult. A long service life and low maintenance are further advantages of the strap winder.

Roller shutter drive by crank

The roller shutter drives using a crank follow the same principle as the drive using a strap: Here, too, the roller shutter is operated manually. The difference to the strap model is that it is not controlled by a strap winder, but by a winch, usually made of aluminium, which can also handle larger loads. However, the difficulties of manually operating the roller shutter drives – especially with very large windows – still exist. So if you want to make it easier to open and close your roller shutters, you should upgrade.

Roller shutter drive electric

Electric roller blinds are usually operated by tubular motors, which in most cases can be operated using a wall button. Simply pressing the switch is enough to reliably set the roller blind in motion. The advantages of electric motors at a glance:

  • No cranking or pulling
  • Burglary protection through timers
  • Improved insulation through sun sensor

The electrical operation of roller blinds enables you to operate them more easily in everyday life. But even in the case of absence – e.g. on holiday trips – automation of the roller shutter drives via a timer leads to more security. With a sun sensor, the electric motors help you to achieve more efficient thermal insulation.

Roller shutter drive via radio

In order to be able to take full control of your roller blinds from the couch, an electric radio transmitter must be installed in the flush-mounting, which can be operated with a hand-held transmitter from anywhere in the home. Operation by radio sets the tubular motor built into the drive in motion and also has the advantage here that it is no longer necessary to turn or pull to operate the roller blind: simply press the remote control or the wall button.

Convenient control via radio remote control.

Sensor control

You can achieve full automatic control of your roller shutter drives by installing appropriate sensors or by switching on a timer.

While a sun sensor decides when to open and close the roller shutter curtain based on brightness, the timer moves your roller blinds based on the time you set. So you can be sure that your roller shutters are always closed when it is appropriate, even when you are away.

Our electric roller shutter drives are equipped with high-quality systems from the manufacturer Somfy and, in addition to convenient functions, offer you a long and low-maintenance service life.

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