Roller shutter control by e-motor – Simple automation and full control via radio

Roller shutter motor and operating options

Roller shutter strap and strap winder? Crank systems? Especially with very large roller shutter curtains, these operating mechanisms usually require a not inconsiderable amount of effort. With roller shutter motors, opening the slat mesh in the morning is as easy as pressing a button. And with Somfy electronic roller shutter motors, even that you don't have to do. With state-of-the-art automation technology from sensors to timers, you take the first step in the direction of the fully automated house of the future in the roller shutter area.


Electronic tube motor Ilmo

This type of Somfy roller shutter motor is based on an intelligent plug & play system that allows you to install the tube motor with radio control in your roller shutter shaft yourself in just a few simple steps. The Ilmo motor particularly impresses with its very quiet running and comfort functions such as the ability to program two travel speeds with a definable intermediate position or the intelligent blocking detection when closing. A limit switch is of course installed as standard in all engines. The integrated anti-freeze protection and automatic torque monitoring on the motor ensure the longevity of the roller shutter curtain and motor.

Electronic tube motor Oximo io

The Oximo roller shutter motors from Somfy are radio-driven motors that shine in particular with their integrated technology: The Oximo roller shutter motor has all the modern conveniences: from radio control to automatic end position detection and end position correction to programmable intermediate positions. An automatic feedback function on the roller shutter motor gives the system information about the current position of the roller shutter at all times. The motor obstacle detection system and anti-freeze protection do the rest to protect your roller shutters in the long term. Somfy Drive Control also differentiates between frictional forces due to wear and tear and exceptional loads, and regulates the traction force applied by the motors accordingly to prevent damage to the roller shutter curtain and motor. Last but not least, the tube motor double disc brakes ensure greater burglary security by preventing the roller shutter curtain from being pushed up.


Convenient operation and increased safety through engine power.

More convenience with roller shutter motors

Especially with larger window areas with correspondingly heavy roller shutter curtains, it is usually a pain to operate the roller shutter mechanism using a strap winder. At this point, the roller shutter motor has long since established itself. But roller shutter motors are also worth a look for smaller roller shutters and blinds on windows or in front of patio doors. When in a hurry before going to work in the morning, one does not want to spend time running from room to room and opening roller shutters by hand. Roller shutter motors can be easily controlled centrally and, with a simple push of a button, pull your roller shutters up to the stop during the operating time – and you can take care of the more important things in life.

More control through technology

Modern wireless roller shutter motors are equipped with timers and sensors, which should not only make everyday life easier but also ensure better, dynamic thermal insulation.

For example, if you integrate sun and temperature-dependent sensors such as the ThermoSunis Indoor WireFree RTS, you can configure your roller shutter motor in such a way that it raises the roller shutter curtain in strong sunlight to let heat into the apartment – and lowers it again when the outside temperature is low to benefit from the additional insulating power of your roller shutter slats.

Especially in summer, it can be useful to program your roller shutter motors in exactly the opposite way – so that sun protection is automatically provided during the day and sufficient ventilation is provided in the evening.

More safety through smart motors

If you are concerned about burglars, then you should also consider investing in mechanisms with roller shutter motors. In conjunction with timers, you can program your motors, for example, to raise the roller shutter curtains in the morning and lower them in the evening while on holiday – after all, closed roller shutters during the day are regarded by burglars as a clear sign that the residents are away.

But that's not all: by combining electronic motion sensors with your roller shutter motors, you can ensure that your curtains close automatically if, for example, movements are detected in the garden. Not only can potential burglars be deterred by the motor movement alone – the roller shutter slats also offer excellent protection against the windows being smashed by force. In the security sector, an electric roller shutter drive is always well worth the costs in watts and volts.

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