Our stunning aluminium clad timber patio doors offer the combined benefits of timber and aluminium without having to choose one or the other. The time-tested performance of timber provides strong insulation values as well as the warmth and authentic look of timber on the interior of your home. Outside, an aluminium shell covers the timber meaning little upkeep and no regular repainting required while creating a sleek, modern look. Moreover, each side is individually customisable with a variety of colours and finishes. Both materials feature excellent strength, durability and security standing up to the most challenging weather with ease.

The Advantages of Aluclad Timber Frames

Aluclad timber patio door systems are usually made of solid timber frames with large glass panes and an aluminium shell mounted to the exterior surface of the frame. This means that the timber frame is visible on the interior while the exterior face is entirely covered by aluminium. The advantages of this configuration are:

  • Excellent thermal insulation compared to either single material alone
  • Top durability thanks to combining two highly resilient materials
  • Great torsional rigidity and warp-resistance when opening or closing
  • Very low maintenance requirements

Wood-aluminium combinations can be used to construct a wide variety of patio door types, from ordinary outswing doors to complex tilt-and-turn variants. There are no limits in terms of opening mechanism or style. 

Two Materials, Double the Security

One of the main advantages of wood-aluminium patio doors is security. Patio doors are a favourite target of burglars and a frequent weak point. Since modern patio doors are usually fitted with at least one layer of laminated safety glass, burglars will often try the frame instead. Luckily, the combination of solid timber and aluminium means they'll have to look elsewhere. 

With secure hardware installed, aluclad timber patio doors are able to resist a wide variety of different methods of intrusion. For example, the weight and strength of timber and aluminium makes trying lifting the door out of the frame a fool's errand. Of course, the exterior aluminium shell also provides superb protection against any attempt at breaking a section of the frame itself. And while nothing can guarantee 100% security, the considerable challenges posed by aluclad timber means thieves will move on to easier targets. After all, the longer the time a burglar needs, the greater the risk of being spotted by neighbours.

All aluminium cladding offered by Neuffer is anodised for excellent corrosion resistance.

An Aluclad Timber Door for any Patio

All of our patio doors are available in the wide range of RAL colours and aluminium cladding makes timber doors even more flexible. Both the exterior cladding a well as the interior facing wood can be customised individually to include many natural finishes for the timber as well. Special decorative foils can also be chosen in woodgrain if you'd still prefer the door to have a uniform look  on both sides. Roller shutters and bug screens are also available with roller shutters offering both a huge upgrade in terms of practicality as well as in security. 

Regardless of which opening mechanism you choose, aluclad timber patio doors guarantee long life, long term reliability and premium aesthetics.

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