Modern uPVC offers one of the most flexible bases on which to build custom patio doors. With a wide range of form and function options, you can easily configure the perfect patio door to meet your project's needs and enhance the look and value of your home. Choose from the entire RAL colour range plus decorative foils, fittings, glazing and more. Whether you want a simple two section patio door or extra wide one, we will work closely with you to design something which not only meets your needs, but in many cases also exceeds them.

A Popular Choice for Renovations

uPVC offers the largest number of customisation options and can be easily shaped and sized during the manufacturing process. While timber patio and front door frames are manufactured from solid timber, uPVC models are usually fashioned as hollow multi-chamber systems, similar to aluminium frames.

The Benefits of Multi-Chamber Systems

uPVC patio doors are available with up to six internal chambers within the frames. The more chambers a profile features, the more durable and robust it will prove to be. The multiple individual chambers constitute a fundamental part of the frame, running through the profile in its entirety. Alone, they improve the frame's insulation value but can be further filled with our precision high density foam giving U-values a huge boost.

Patio doors are often defined by large uninterrupted glass surfaces. This is one of their main benefits, creating a seamless transition between the interior of your home and the garden. Yet, it also means additional consideration need be taken in the following areas:

  • Burglary protection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Sound absorption

Reliable Security

No door can guarantee absolute protection. However, uPVC patio doors can be outfitted with multiple locking points, steel reinforcements in the frame and laminated safety glass. Altogether, this prevents simple smash and grab jobs or use of crowbars and other tools. The multi-chamber profiles of uPVC frames are extremely difficult to pierce or break apart. Roller shutters are another option which can be installed and offer the benefits of improving security, insulation and privacy simultaneously.

Tempered glass is yet another glazing option. When shattered, this type of glass breaks into tiny blunt fragments. By eliminating the danger posed by large shards of glass, this technology minimises the risk of injuries considerably while increasing safety.

Energy Efficiency & Insulation

Modern patio doors and windows made of uPVC feature excellent thermal performance. Their multi-chamber profiles create a difficult barrier for heat, cold and even sound waves to overcome when trying to move from one side to the other. The more chambers, the better.

Whether uPVC sliding patio doors, bifold, lift and slide or tilt and slide, all models can be fitted with double glazing or triple glazing. You can determine both the space between panes and whether or not it is filled with a noble gas such as argon. Both of these factors influence thermal and acoustic insulation. This is important whether keeping cold out in the winter or heat out in the summer.

Custom Built for Your Project

Lift-and-slide versions are perhaps best suited for patio or balcony installation, as their opening mechanisms are highly efficient in terms of the space used. Low threshold or Barrier-free flush thresholds are also available whether to assist the elderly, prevent children tripping or to just make life a little easier.

Design your own uPVC Doors

Deciding which type of door is most suitable for your patio or conservatory a mix of personal taste and technical requirements. One advantage of uPVC models in this regard is that the material used is not only available in white, but also in the entire RAL colour scale. Additionally, decorative foils in woodgrain or aluminium designs can also be applied to the door.

Robust construction materials guarantee low maintenance and easy cleaning, while countless design options guarantee that your new door perfectly matches your existing facade.

A further uPVC based option is our aluminium clad UPVC lines. The addition of aluminium cladding gives the exterior a clean modern look, means even less upkeep and boosts security and insulation values yet further.

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