Aluminium is appreciated not just for its strength and weather resistance, but also for providing an attractive appearance with minimal upkeep. As the most popular material for new windows and doors today, uPVC features excellent insulation at great prices. Together, aluminium-uPVC windows provide a premium look, energy-efficiency and durability while remaining affordable. In short, they offer great value at low prices.

Modern Door Systems for any Home

Patio doors need to meet the same basic requirements as a standard front door, with a few more based on location and use. Since lift-and-slide, bifold and tilt-and-slide models all feature large glass surfaces, the type of glazing installed in a patio door system is very important.

The three most important attributes of patio doors are thermal insulation, noise reduction and security. The robust construction material of aluclad uPVC models excels in each of these areas. In addition to these inherent attributes, such systems are also:

  • Easy to clean
  • Aesthetically customisable
  • Highly durable

The exterior aluminium shell of the synthetic frame does not only reliably resist forced entry attempts - inclement weather is also no problem for the robust metal cover. Moreover, the aluminium exterior requires very low maintenance.

Minimal Maintenance Required

Since all of our aluminium surfaces are anodised and thus corrosion-proof, there is virtually no need for regular upkeep. The same applies to the non-metal uPVC frame. Compared to timber, uPVC frames can remain in like-new condition for a long time with only minimal maintenance. Occasionally wiping down the frame and glass with a wet cloth is as difficult as it gets!

Your Choice of Colours

Aluminium-PVC frames can easily be tailored to your individual needs with the entire RAL colour scale at your disposal. For the aluminium, the chosen colour is then applied via powder coating while specialized foils are applied at the factory directly to the uPVC frame.

All colours are applied during manufacturing. Aluminium surfaces are all anodised and powder coated while special foils are applied to uPVC frames. Both provide additional resistance to scratches and increased weather resistance.

Reliable Burglary Protection

Given its synthetic core, aluminium-PVC patio doors are already quite robust, easily resisting outside force and providing excellent protection against burglars. However, the additional exterior metal shell improves this even further.

High-performance Thermal Insulation thanks to Multi-Chamber Profiles

Patio doors are typically installed either as entrances to a conservatory or as pathways from the house into the garden. Because of this, their insulation ability is particularly important, especially when they feature very large glass surfaces. The combination of aluminium and uPVC offers ideal insulation properties, regardless whether it is used to build bifold, tilt-and-slide, lift-and-slide or common sliding patio doors. Unlike solid timber, uPVC can be formed to create multiple interior chambers in the frame that bolster energy-efficiency. Further filling the chambers with our innovative precision high pressure foam takes it a step further with the ability to reach passive house values. 

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