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Our aluminium systems

With an aluminium patio door you connect your home with the outside world. It allows you to visually enlarge your living space, as a large glass surface allows an almost unobstructed view outside. The patio doors solutions we offer you, can answer your design expectation or architectural requirements. In any case, you will find a wide range of door systems here. We distinguish between the classic balcony door or french door, which generally offers a rather small passage opening, and wide passages in the form of lift and slide doors, bifold doors and tilt and slide doors. Regardless of which type of door is suitable for you: aluminium is the material for a long-lasting product.

What makes an aluminium patio door special?

Robust, stable, durable and lightweight - these words perfectly describe aluminium. If you choose an aluminium patio door, you are choosing a door that you will enjoy for many years. It does not require regular maintenance and is extremely easy to clean.

Simply wipe your aluminium patio door occasionally with a microfibre cloth and some warm water. That's all it takes, because the material itself is already slightly dirt-repellent. Another difference to timber, but also to uPVC, is the weather performance of aluminium. Hot or cold temperatures cannot harm it. The problem of shape deformation of the profiles does not arise.

An additional advantage of aluminium is its low weight. This gives you the possibility to choose a generous glazing, the total weight of the patio door still remains fairly low. On the other hand, balcony doors or patio doors made of aluminium are robust and stable thanks to the material used. The protection against burglars is therefore at the highest level possible.

What do aluminium patio doors cost?

The price for aluminium is actually slightly higher than that for PVC or timber. Measured against the advantages offered by the material, however, aluminium is extremely cost-effective. The actual aluminium doors prices depend on the fittings and locking mechanism, the dimensions, the glazing and the type of door you choose. A lift and slide door naturally differs in price from tilt and slide doors or from french doors. The colour can also have an impact. You have the possibility to choose between different RAL colour options so that your patio door always matches the colour of the facade and windows. Or you can keep a natural metal look with the special anodised solution. The choice of profile also affects the final price. We offer a range of door designs from Schüco and Reynaers. Both companies are a byword for products of the highest quality, manufactured from top-quality materials. The individual profiles depend heavily on the choice of patio doors. Not every profile is available for every type of door. For detailed information, please refer to the corresponding pages on balcony doors, lift and slide doors, folding sliding doors and tilt and slide doors.

French door, tilt and slide door, lift and slide door or bi-folding door - what fits best?

How you want to enter your balcony or patio is a matter of taste, but also depends on the available space.


French door

This door convinces with a comparatively low price. The structure of a french door is similar to that of a classic window. Therefore, when opening the door, you have the possibility to turn or tilt it in the same way as you are used to from our tilt and turn windows. Therefore french doors could also be called tilt and turn doors. You can also determine the opening direction: either outwards or inwards. You can also choose a balcony door made from aluminium with several sashes. The size can be defined individually for your needs.

Our profiles for aluminium french doors

  • Reynaers MasterLine 8
  • Reynaers CS 86-HI
  • Reynaers CS 77
  • Reynaers CS 68
  • Reynaers SlimLine 38
  • Schüco AWS 75
  • Schüco AWS 90
  • Schüco AWS 112 IC

Tilt and slide door

As the name suggests, this patio door combines two important opening types: a sliding and a tilting function. The door consists of a fixed and a movable element. Both parts are inserted in one profile. By guide rails the movable part can be pushed and positioned in front of the fixed part. With this type of opening you will save space inside your room while the door is opened. It allows free access to your patio. But models with parallel slide and tilt function are also perfectly suitable as a door to the balcony if you want generous glazing: they give you a clear view to the outside.

Our profiles for aluminium tilt and slide doors

  • Reynaers CS 86-HI
  • Reynaers CS 77
  • Reynaers CS 68
  • Schüco AWS 75.SI+

Lift and slide door

The opening method of the door is just as space-saving as that of the tilt and slide door and it also consists of at least one fixed element and one moving element. Here, too, the non-fixed part is pushed in front of the fixed one without losing space on the inside. The great advantage of a lift and slide door is its simple and convenient functionality. By turning the handle, the movable part is lifted slightly and can then be easily pushed aside on wheels lying in the frame. Thanks to this technique, even heavy weights can be moved easily. By lowering the sash when closed, a lift and slide door is tighter than other patio doors and has a high stability. This also increases the thermal performance and energy efficiency.

Our profiles for aluminium lift and slide doors

  • Reynaers Hi-Finity
  • Reynaers CP 130
  • Reynaers CP 155
  • Schüco ASS 70.HI
  • Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI
  • Schüco ASS 77 PD.NI

Bi-fold door

This door is the perfect connection between living room and terrace, as it does not only have one moving element. Depending on the space available, you can select as many elements as you like, which can be shoved together like an accordion. This works by ceiling and floor rails in which the elements move on rollers. Each panel is separately glazed. This makes bi-folding doors perfectly suitable as patio doors for large areas as they remain stable despite their size.

Our profiles for aluminium bi-folding doors

  • Reynaers CF 77
  • Schüco ASS 70 FD

Possible alternatives to aluminium balcony doors or patio doors

Those who appreciate the warm and cosy appearance of timber may find it difficult to get to like aluminium. Of course there is the possibility, just as with uPVC, to make the colour look as much like timber as possible by choosing a suitable RAL colour. But the material of course remains aluminium. For all those who are still not satisfied, the perfect choice would be to choose timber-aluminium patio doors or french doors. This composite doors unite the warm appearance of timber on the inside and the stability and weather resistance of aluminium on the outside. It also has a positive effect on burglary protection. timber-aluminium is a good solution for those who cannot or do not want to choose between the two materials. Timber-aluminium perfectly combines the advantages of both materials.

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